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We come across a wide range of cases and situations. Many are very sad, some interesting, others unimaginable but thankfully almost every day there is joy in seeing animals recoperate and running around again. Sharing some of these may inspire you to take action or just make you happy.

 This girl was found with a horrendous wound which appeared to be inflicted by a human.

It took a while, but she reccovered well and was re-homed with a young couple where she is leading a happy and safe life.

 Frenchy was dumped, probably because she had mange, an inheritable condition often found in 'pedigree' dogs.

Initially very miserable, Frenchy morphed into a beautiful, happy dog and was adopted by the woman in the photo. As you can see, they adore each other .

 This pup was found with its broken ribs where its lung should have been, so the lung was pushed outside of the rib cage.

Euthanasia was certainly an option but it was decided to give it a chance and luckily this paid off.

She is now re-homed and living a great life together with another pup.

 During the daily walk with all residents and patients capable of walking, Moti, one of the residents, was threatened by a snake.

While we could see an attack was about to happen, we could not interfere as that would increase the chance of an attack.

We had also established it was a rat snake, which is not poisonous but can still inflect a nasty wound. Moti was lucky, it was only a mock-attack.

This puppy appears to have been bitten by another dog.

Her ribs were broken and lung punctured. She had no chance at all.

These are the kind of dangers dumped pups face and succumb to.

 This female was brought in together with her puppy.

Both showed all the classic signs of advanced distemper and had to be euthanised. Distemper can be prevented with an 3 Euro vaccination.

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